This will be a very negative post so I want to start off with saying that I love Visual Studio, it’s my favorite IDE for C++ and C# development. With that said the upgrade to VS2017 has been less than smooth.


Lets try to set up Visual Studio for C++ Universal Windows Platform development.

First we select the workload that looks like what we want

Workload selection

Next we make sure to check the individual components that seems related to what we need

Component selection 1

Component selection 2

Now we should be good to go, let’s open Visual Studio and try to create a new project

Project creation

Well that didn’t go as expected. You would think that installing the workload Universal Windows Platform Development would install the bits needed to actually create a project.

Right, what happens if we install the suggested bits? Apparently it suggest installing the ARM tooling.

Component selection ARM

Can we create a project now? Lets try it out and see what happens

Project creation success

Success! But why oh why did this not just work from the beginning? I picked a workload and it seems quite reasonable to expect that I can actually use that workload once it’s installed.